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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing embodies Toyotaʼs commitment to overcoming every limit to make “ever-better” cars.

To forge new technologies and solutions under the extreme conditions of motorsports, we will never stop innovating.

We race our cars to push ourselves to learn from the toughest challenges.

Competing on every kind of road, no matter what the challenge, inspires us to build “ever-better” cars. Weʼre engineering Toyotaʼs future DNA.

Weʼll keep competing to bring the freedom, adventure and joy of driving to everyone.


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Roads build people, and people build cars
There are so many different types of roads all over the world; people live their lives using the roads. Each one trains us to build better cars, while challenging us to be stronger and smarter. The road is our greatest teacher, for it shows us what a car should be.

The harsh environment of racing
Racing is the ideal training ground. In this extreme environment, unexpected events occur and split-second decisions must be made. Lives are on the line, so everyone must be at their limit. Such experience challenges people, inspires us to learn and supports the development of ever-better cars.

Dialogue with the road
From freezing mountain roads to blazing-hot trails through the dessert; on snaking curves and endless straightaways; over smooth surfaces and rocky terrain; we dialogue with all these roads and more. They challenge us, inspire us, and teach us to make ever-better cars.

Drivers are the center of our universe. We create cars in which they feel most comfortable and in control. Behind the wheel, drivers communicate with the vehicle using all their senses. Their feedback helps us build ever-better cars

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